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Trang N.
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I love anime and I love K-pop. My best friends and we relate to each other

very well. I love to draw and write fanfictions. I draw on an Ipad but I wish I had a tablet!
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Hey everyone,
I am so sorry for not being able to answer and reply to your comments..! I just moved to my college and have started school so things have been really busy for me in terms of school work and that has been clashing with my art schedule and I am so sorry for not being able to submit artwork as well but I am getting there with my work slowly so if I haven't replied to any of your comments or something it is not because I don't care, it's just that I haven't had the time and I'm not saying that I won't go on dA but I will just less frequently than before cuz... ya know college!! FIRST YEAR!! WHOOP!!!!


But I do ask that you please understand and that I am really sorry! Thank you!


Mom's Trick - A Day with Dad by SHINeeWorld96
Mom's Trick - A Day with Dad
So here we have my characters the first King and Queen of Pride Rock. They don't have names cuz I just want to keep it mysterious like that. Yes I know the original theory that the first king and queen have three daughters, I will add that in later but for now this is their first cub and the future queen, Fola (Character-Sheet-Fola-323280875). 

This is part of my Royal Family Theory - Part 4.

Previous: Royal-Family-Theory-Part-3-346374738
Next: ~SOON~

The king was not all too happy with having a female cub but the queen knew that she could change his mind and heart about their daughter. So one day, the Queen tells the King that she is going to  hunting and will be taking most of the Pride's lionesses to hunt for them, so she asked the King to look over their daughter until she returns from the hunt. 

Queen: Could you watch over our daughter?
King: Why?
Queen: I want to go on a hunt and since its been a while, I wanted to get out and hunt. The lionesses are all coming with me so you and the guards are the only ones left so could you watch over Fola?
King: Well...I...
Queen: Thank you, you're so kind. *Looks at the infant cub* Mommy will be right back, alright? But be good for your father, Fola.

And with that the Queen left, giggling and smiling to herself, proud with her plan and the father and daughter were left to watch the Queen walk away to go to her hunt.

What is to become of these two pairs of father and daughter?

So thats the quick story and hopefully I'll be able to draw more :) 

The King is from here: The-Kings-of-The-Pride-Lands-Colored-457265487
The Queen is from here: Queens-of-The-Pride-Lands-Colored-467932295

Fola, King, Queen and Art © SHINeeWorld96 
Lion King © Disney
Royal Family Theory Part 3 by SHINeeWorld96
Royal Family Theory Part 3
Part 2:
Part 4:

The Old King stood on Pride Rock staring off at his kingdom as his old friend stood by his side. The Old King was very much deep in thought. He worried about his bond with his daughter, Princess Fola.

"What am I going to do, Old Friend?" Asked the Old King.
"You do not love da child?" Asked the monkey.
The King was silent.
"Is it because she is a girl?" The monkey asked again.
"...Yes...oh, I am a terrible father. I mated with her mother for the sake of the pride. Her mother is still rather young and I feel like i will not raise the child up well enough to take this throne," said the Old King.
"Give it time, my king. You will soon love da child," advised the monkey.

The Old King was still skeptical of his friends words. He wonders what the future holds for his relationship with his daughter.

The Lion King © Disney
The Old Friend's Design - Rafiki © Disney
The Old King © :iconshineeworld96:

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